Maqsudlu Kur Aabbaslu village
January 9, 2020
Dash Dibi village – Germi Mughan
January 9, 2020

Umasalan village-Germi Mughan

Rural tourism may be defined as the movement of people from their normal place of residence to rural areas for a minimum period of twenty-four hours to the maximum of six months for the sole purpose of leisure and pleasure. Rural tourism refers to all tourism activities in a rural area.

The concept of rural tourism is by no means well defined and is subject to a number of interpretation. Fleischer and Pizam associate rural tourism with the ‘country vacation’ where the tourist spends the vast proportion of his/her vacation period engaging in recreational activities in a rural environment on a farm, ranch, country home, or the surrounding areas.

About Umasalan village

It is the village of Umasalan or Umastan which is located in Mughan palin, Germi city of Ardebil. The population of the village is 415 people with 79 families. Tourism experts have endorsed the village as a natural destination for tourism. Spring climate, lush and evergreen vegetation and diverse ecological species are characteristic of the beautiful village of Umasalan of Muran.

The role of climate in tourism has always been a concern, but in areas where there are special conditions for attracting tourists, such as mountain and coastal areas, it is more important. Climate is an essential point for tourism, especially for beaches, nature and winter sports. In fact, changing climate patterns will affect tourism attraction, tourism businesses, host communities and handicrafts.

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