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January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020

Maqsudlu Korabbaslu Village

Maqsoud Kandi of Korabbaslu is a village that consists of several villages named Maqsudluye Ulya, Vusta and Sufla of the Asalanduz city of Mughan. The Maqsudlu Korabbaslu villages are five kilometers from the city of Aslanduz Mughan and forty kilometers from Pars Abad Mughan or Parsa Abad (Mughan City).

Population and jobs

The population of the three villages of Maqsudlu Korabbaslu (Maqsudluye Ulya, Vusta, Sufla) comprises about two hundred families and 800 people, most of whom are agricultural and livestock and part-time nomads. The people have been planting cotton, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, alfalfa and wheat and barley and 40% of the villagers are either employed in education or some of them are working in Tabriz, Tehran, Ardebil and other big cities.

Religion and language

The religion of the majority of people is Islam. The language of the people, like other villages in the plain of Mughan and Azerbaijan, is Azerbaijan Turkish.

Tourist attractions

Natural Attractions: Agricultural fields including cotton, alfalfa, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Cultural Attractions: Shahavan Nomads, Handicrafts such as Verni and Carpet

Historical Attractions: The historic hill of Shah Tapasi, the old cemeteries of the Iran-Russia War, the old tree (two old trees) in the south of the village.

Introducing the Korabbaslu tribes

The Korabaslu tribe is one of the Shahsavan (El sevan) tribes. The Korabbaslu clan is named Maqsudluye Ulya, Vusta, Sufla, Korlar, Qara Tikanli and Borran Sufla are in Aslanduz section of the Mughan plain. Also the Yurtchi Korabbaslu tribe are in the Korayim district of Nir.


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