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January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020

*Damirchi Kharabasi village*


Location of Demirchi Kharabesi Village – Jafarabad Mughan

Damirchi Kharabasi village is located in Mughan area in Ardebil province – Bilasuvar city.

Because of the mountains surrounding the village, the view of this village is very beautiful. It has cold winters and cool summers, and Due to its geographical position it is the only village in Mughan that Sabalan Mountain which is one of the best attractions in this village can be seen clearly there.

Village Population and Occupation

The population of the village is 328 persons and 65 families and most of the people in Damirchi are farmer and Livestock.

Agricultural and Rural Production

The village’s agricultural crops include wheat and barley, there are fruit and vegetable gardens in the east and west of the village. The most popular fruits in the village are apple, peach and nectarine. Also Variety of vegetables is planted in the village with high quality.


The famous handicrafts of the village are Glim, Jajim and Carpet, and a local doll called (Galin Bala). Also the texture of “Dash Sapandi” of goat wool and sheep is very common in this village.

Local foods and sweets

Sach ichi,Sari shorba, Umaj ashi, kinds of breads and local cheese are the famous foods and meals in this village.

Religion and the language

The religion of the majority of the people of Damirchi village is Islam. Like other villages in Mughan and Azerbaijan, the language of the people is Azerbaijan Turkish.

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