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Parsabad is one of the cities of Ardebil province and Savalan region in northwestern Iran on the border of Azerbaijan.The correct name of this city is Mughan Shahr.

The language of the general population of the city, like other cities of Mughan region and Azerbaijani regions, is Azerbaijani-Turkish.

The touristic town of Parsabad Mughan is a flat area with temperate to warm climate. The distance to Ardebil province center is 220 km.Pars Abad Moghan is a Green Plain which has the most susceptible soil and favorable weather conditions for agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture.

Mughan Agricultural Company is the largest industrial agricultural company of its kind in the country and in the region with the volume of operations of agriculture, livestock and light and medium industries in the same city. The city also has a thriving sugar factory, composting, litter, cotton cleaning and dairy workshop. The vegetation of the region is mostly grassland, and the Shahseven tribes continue to live in the Mughan area, preserving their race and traditions.

Parsa Abad Mughan’s agricultural and livestock products include cotton, sugar beet, corn, wheat, rice, beans, oilseeds, sesame, and a variety of fruits.

Pars Abad Mughan Airport has been built to accommodate the influx of travelers and tourists who have weekly flights to Tehran and vice versa. The airport was established as the oldest airport in Ardabil province.


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