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November 16, 2019
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November 17, 2019


Germi Mughan

Germi Mughan is a city in the capital of Germi County, Ardabil Province, Iran. Germi is on the north of Ardabil province in Iranian Azerbaijan. It is located 120 km from Ardabil, the capital of the province. It is relatively new by Iranian standards; established in the year 900 of the Islamic calendar (1494 A.D.) when Shah Ismail allowed to 5 Shi’a families to migrate to this region. There were some other places and cities in both Azerbaijans that are called Germi.

The most historical place in this county is Barzand Castle that was the castle of Afshin who battled with Babak Khorramdin in an earlier century of Islamic history. People of this county are Shi’a Muslim and speak the Azeri language. The largest river of the county is Dareroud; it issues from southern and eastern foot of Sabalan and joins to Aras river on the northern border of Iran. This river is the largest internal river of the Ardabil Province.

Germi is located about 50 km from the Caspian Sea, 108 km from the city of Ardabil. It has an average altitude of 1050 m and total area of 1752 km2.

Neighboring on the Caspian Sea and the Republic of Azerbaijan, this city is of great political and economical significance.

It is located on an open plain 1,100 m above sea level, just east of Mount Azna (2,100 m).

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