Bilesuvar Mughan
November 16, 2019
Aslanduz Mughan

Aslanduz Mughan


Aslanduz of Mughan is one of the cities of Ardebil province and Savalan region. It’s center is Aslanduz city.

The appellation of the name of Aslanduz is:

Aslan is an Azerbaijanian word means lion and duz means plain, and Aslanduz means lion plain. Aslanduz (Aslanduz or Aslandoz) of Mughan is located in the southwestern part of Pars Abad Mughan city in Ardebil province. It is bounded on the north by the Araz River and the border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is bounded on the east by Pars Abad and Islamabad districts of Mughan and on the west by Kaleybar (Qaradagh region) of East Azerbaijan province.


Tourist Attractions of Aslanduz :

The most important tourist attractions in the city of Asalanduz can be mentioned as: Naderi hill (Nader Shah hill), Shahsavan tribes (ell Sevan), Verni texture (handcrafts), Mughan Mill dam, Araz river (Aras), old cemeteries such as cemeteries located in Korabbaslu and ….

Shahsavan tribes of Mughan plain located in the city of Asalanduz.

Ulduz Mughan Group is waiting for you in this cultural, historical and natural land.

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